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Webinar series: The Essential Mindset.

Episode: Want to Truly Feel Alive at Work? Here’s How!

Description of the episode:

What’s the difference between happiness and fulfillment at work? How do you reach fulfillment? What makes some people feel alive at work and how could you do the same?

Join Ann Rockley and her special guest, Bruna De Palo. Drawing from her many years of experience helping senior professionals change their careers, Bruna shares her discoveries about the reason why people in the corporate sector often feel drained, unfulfilled, and unmotivated, and what to do about it. She will explain why you shouldn’t use your passion as a compass to identify the right career for you and what you need to look at, instead, to make a career pivot that you’ll never regret.

You’ll learn:
1) How to start acting like a “Human Being” instead of a “Human Doing”
2) Why you should prioritize "aliveness" over happiness
3) What prevents you from feeling alive in your career

Bruna will share her framework so you can learn how it’s possible to make a shift in your career and improve your mental and physical health in the process. Hear success stories from people who changed their careers and the steps they took to feel alive in their work.

About Bruna De Palo

With a unique, innovative, and practical evidence-led, neuroscience-based approach ICF Certified Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach, Bruna De Palo empowers leaders to understand why the brain triggers certain behaviors and how to optimize its functions. With more than 20 years experience working in the corporate sector, and with an ability to bring cutting-edge neuroscience concepts to life through practical frameworks and tools, she is regarded as a powerhouse in helping people make changes that make them feel alive at work.

This webinar is hosted on Bright Talks, click on the button to watch it.

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