August 17, 2022 in Interview/Speech, Video/Webinar

Interview: The Encouragement Engineering Podcast

Podcast: The Encouragement Engineering Podcast 

Episode: The Encouragement Engineering Podcast with Bruna De Palo

Description of the episode:

The Encouragement Engineering podcast offers listeners the ability to combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives with a positive perspective and positive actions.

Our guest today is Bruna De Palo. Bruna is an ICF certified Executive, Leadership and Career Coach with a unique, innovative and practical evidence-led, neuroscience-based approach that empowers people to understand why the brain triggers certain behaviour’s, and how to optimize its functions.

With an ability to bring cutting-edge neuroscience concepts to life through practical frameworks and tools, she helps people stop acting as Human Doings and start living as Human Beings and find a career that makes them feel alive at work. Listen as we discuss: Mindset Expressions Timing Empathy Fear

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