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How To Feel Alive At Work: 14 resources for you

Sent on 15th November 2023

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Hey there!

It's Bruna here đź‘‹ happy Tuesday!

Today, I'm excited because I'm sending you quite a different newsletter... While I've shared various tools and insights with you in the past, this time, I'm inviting you to join me in making a positive impact in the world—something that is much needed right now, isn't it?

This newsletter will only take 2 minutes and 40 seconds to read it.

I'm eager to hear your thoughts on my idea!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

As you probably know by now (if not, read this interview) I was stuck in the wrong career for about 20 years.

My breakthrough arrived when I realised that I should have stopped looking for "happiness at work" and rather sought a sense of aliveness.

So I changed my mindset and my career and, since then, I couldn't have felt more alive! In these 10 years, I developed tools, frameworks and perspectives that helped hundreds of people feel alive at work as well.

Now... the world is in terrible shape, and I'm wondering what you and I could do about that, and an idea popped up in my head!

Here's my thought process: people who feel alive at work are a natural source of positive energy, inspiration and support. If we increase the number of people who radiate positive energy for 8 hours daily, we'll contribute to a much healthier world.

Helping others is not difficult since I already have all the tools, insights and frameworks needed! It's just a matter of sharing them in a meaningful way, ideally around Christmas when people have more time to reflect and work on themselves.

So that's where my LinkedIn campaign #FeelAliveAtWorkIn2024 idea was born!


Starting tomorrow, I'll be sharing 14 resources over a few weeks on LinkedIn with the hashtag #FeelAliveAtWorkIn2024. Every Wednesday at 11am GMT you'll see my post with a new resource you can download/watch/listen/read. All these posts will have the tag #FeelAliveAtWorkIn2024, so if you miss one or two posts, you can easily find them by searching for that hashtag on Linkedin.

This is a collection of premium tools, frameworks and insights my past clients have used to successfully stop living like Human Doings and start living like Human Beings again! You and many others can now access them for free.

But... there's a but.

Is sharing resources online enough for the big goal I have in mind?
Uhm... I believe that it's not meaningful posts that make the difference, it's rather "conversations", exchanges of ideas, experiences, sharing mistakes and lessons learnt. That's what people need to really find the strength to change.

So this is where you come in...

If you're not following me on LinkedIn, yet, click on the button then click on the bell on the top-right corner of my profile so you'll receive notifications when my posts are out.

All I ask you to do is to contribute to the #FeelAliveAtWorkIn2024 LinkedIn posts with your perspectives, ideas, tips, opinions, lessons learnt and questions around each topic. That is all!

You never know what impact your insights or questions may have on others... what if one of your thoughts could actually be the missing piece of the puzzle in someone else's life?

(About sharing thoughts... Many years after leaving that career, I met an ex-colleague of mine who told me "I know I'm going to hear your name one day 'cause you'll do something big". She doesn't know how powerful is the fire she lit up in me, and that I strive every day to ensure that when she'll hear my name, she'll be proud).

So... are you in?

Then I'll see you in the first post that will be published tomorrow Wednesday 15th November at 11am GMT on my Linkedin Feed so we can share insights, ideas and perspectives while enjoying the very first resource (hint: it's a resource that helps you understand "what does it mean feeling alive at work and how can I achieve it?).

See you tomorrow on LinkedIn!


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